Our Dr. Supervised Weight-Loss Programs are Customized for your needs.

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Virtual Online or In-Person Customized Weight-Loss Programs.

Don’t let a time constraint hold you back. Don’t let your budget hold you back. We have a program option that can fulfill your needs and allow you to start your weight-loss journey.

We know that there are hundreds of weight loss programs on the market today. Why choose Med-Fit Medical Weight Loss?

Many weight-loss systems take a one-size-fits-all approach. Med-Fit Medical Weight Loss is a medically supervised, customized weight loss clinic dedicated to educating and empowering our clients to achieve their ultimate healthy weights.

Our weight loss programs are scalable, meaning you can select to include what works best for you.

We offer both in person and online Custom Weight Loss ProgramsVirtual Online Weight Loss CoachingDr. Supervised WeightlossWeight Loss Nutritionists, Appetite Suppression Medication, One on One Personalized Fitness Training, One on One Accountability Coaching, One on One Nutrition Coaching, Customized Meal Plans, Weight Loss Vitamin Shots, Optifast Shakes & Bars, Nutrimed Shakes & Bars and Nutritional Meal Replacement Weight Loss Programs with Weight-Loss Supplements and Diet Foods.

Choose from these options:


Improve your overall wellness with this medically backed meal replacement program for weight loss that focuses on fitness, nutrition, and lifestyle improvements resulting in a healthier and more active life that you and others will notice.


(non-meal replacements)
A customizable program for those with dietary requirements that can guide you to your optimum weight and fitness level. Medically monitored and coached by our trained Med-Fit team.


A one-of-a-kind online solution designed to deliver weight loss success to those with exceptional self-motivation and determination. Limited availability by application only.

DR. SUPERVISED WEIGHT LOSS (Medical Interventions)

This nutrition program is perfect for individuals who are truly motivated to prepare specifically designed meals and are committed to following a personalized meal plan for their body type. The participant will develop an understanding of how food can be a source of natural medicine, supporting an efficient body. This program is very interactive, educational, and is one of our core holistic approaches to understanding how to fuel a healthy lifestyle.

Our Dr. Supervised Weight Loss Program May Include:

  • iLipo – iLipo is (FDA-approved non-surgical, painless technology for body fat reduction)
  • Lipo-B injections – Contain a mixture Vitamin B12, B3 and amino acids that can aid in the metabolism of fat
  • FDA-approved medications for weight loss – Weight loss medications, monitored by a physician, safely taken to aid with appetite suppression as well as an increase in metabolism.
  • Blood work, health monitoring, hormone balancing, prescribed medications, EKG, and more.

FEATURED BENEFITS included in ALL weight loss programs:


Individual coaching sessions to encourage the success of your strategy, mindset and behavior.


Meet weekly with one of our certified trainers for private one-on-one fitness sessions.


All our programs focus on changing your mindset when it comes to weight loss. Tackle obstacles and celebrate victories.


Dr. Tran, Board-Certified in Internal Medicine and Obesity Medicine, will medically monitor your weight loss journey to keep your body safely burning calories throughout the plan.


One-on-one consultation with registered dietitian, customized meal templates, meal replacements, ALCAT testing.


Medicals-grade nutrition supplements, including Optifast and Nutrimed

What Makes Med-Fit Medical Weight Loss Different from Other Weight Loss Programs:

  • Peace of Mind: With personal care from a physician, you can lose weight despite any health problems you may have. Not only can you gain a healthier body, but you can also get your confidence back.
  • Physician-Supervised Weight Loss: Our in-house physician, Dr. Angela Tran, monitors all clients throughout their weight loss journeys to ensure their diet and fitness programs continue to be safe and effective.
  • Prescribe Medications and Supplements: Dr. Tran is licensed and credentialed to provide weight loss medications and dietary supplements to aid in your weight loss. Our dietary supplements are all-natural, using a unique blend of vitamins and amino acids to help curb your appetite and burn fat. Our medications are only prescribed if your customized program is not giving you results.
  • Individualized Diet and Fitness Programs: We understand each body is unique, and that a point system may not work for you. At Med-Fit, we create a specific diet and fitness program based on your body and your weight loss needs. These programs are designed to help you lose weight and become as healthy as possible.
  • Personal Care: Unlike gyms and dieting companies, we offer personal one-on-one care. Med-Fit provides a physician, dietician, and a true personal trainer to assess your needs and help you every step of the way through your weight loss journey.

If you have tried multiple diets and nothing has worked, there are still options available. Contact Med-Fit today to schedule a consultation at our Denver training center to learn more about what we can do for you. We are less than 15 minutes from Aurora, only 20 minutes from downtown, and a short 35-minute drive from Boulder. If you are anywhere near the Denver area, we are the place for you!


So you have barriers to supervised weight loss programs? You work nights. You have to care for a family member, children, or pets. You travel for work. You don’t live near our Denver office. We understand, and we have a solution.

Our virtual program is with you anywhere you go! Don’t let physical or time restraints keep you from changing your life!

The virtual program does have a limited number of seats at this time. Please apply to reserve your seat before they are full for this session.