Tried everything and still frustrated?

It used to be easy in our 20s

But now it feels almost impossible now when we are all getting

  • Older
  • Have kids
  • Work full time
  • Maybe dealing with Hormone issues
  • And literally have no time to exercise
  • And now it’s just exhausting.

I have worked with thousands of women who have put in countless hours at the gym and have been cutting calories to the point of starvation and literally are getting no results.  I would be fed up too. 

BUT there’s a specific sequence to follow…

And I’m sharing all my secrets in my Brand NEW 5 Day Workshop

Thin Starts Within

I’ll be showing my exact formula on how to slim down easier, faster, and in a medically predictable way!

After attending the workshop, know:

  • What doctors aren’t telling patients that can cause metabolic barriers
  • Blood Work that most doctors overlook
  • Why it’s important to eat MORE not less to get healthy
  • The ONE muscle that needs to be exercised every single day
  • The Fast Track to a Speedy Metabolism


Dr. Tran was SPOT on, very thorough in her assessment of how my program was structured based on both my physical and mental health. Dr. Tran personally picks your coaches. Noah and Katie were both amazing. They knew when I needed a little push, lol, but always presented in a supportive and “get real” way (fitted to my personality). I came to the table as the full definition of a couch potato. I’m now going to the gym and following a healthy meal plan, but I’m living – don’t feel deprived, have more energy, and I think I’m a lot more fun! Ha! For me, this lifestyle change is PRICELESS. PS, office is 100% virtual so, can you say “convenient”?


Can’t say enough positives about MedFit! Dr. Angela Tran, Stephanie, Katie, and Ashley were immensely helpful, kind, non-judging, professional AND knowledgeable in their fields. Would recommend to anyone wanting to take control of their health, the scale, food habits. Life long changes!



Hi, I’m Dr. Angela, America’s Transformational Doctor.  After over 12+ years of medical training, I found myself being a doctor in a “failed medical system”.  I was not the doctor I had envisioned. I was merely writing prescription after prescription and putting band-aids when I knew I could help my patients so much more.  I knew that educating my patients on nutrition and exercise would actually get them OFF their medications and help them get healthier.

After gaining 40 lbs with the pregnancy of my daughter, Haley, suffering an ACL tear a few years later with 10 months of physical therapy, and now being in my 40s, it has really challenged my body in so many ways that I have shared my knowledge and have helped my patients lose thousands of pounds after starting my own medical practice, Med-Fit in 2012.