Donielle – Chief Business Development Office

I have been passionate about health throughout my career in various fields of medicine. Seeing so many patients with many medical conditions reminded me of how health is the root importance of treatment and prevention of future disease. I decided to partner with Dr. Angela Tran, D.O. and Med-Fit Medical Weight Loss as we use medical treatment in revolutionary ways to help patients gain their life back through health and weight loss. We help busy on the go individuals lose over 50 lbs in less than 6 months by providing comprehensive one-on-one nutrition counseling, fitness training, and doctor visits all under one roof. Behavioral modification is the core of our programs, and we teach patients healthy habits and sustainable weight loss methods so that patients can live life-long healthy lifestyles. Part of my primary role at Med-Fit Medical Weight Loss is to lead the company to ongoing exponential growth, seek out expansion opportunities, and solidify systems and processes in place to create a strong foundation and brand that the community can recognize and trust. As the severity of obesity increases, we see ourselves as leaders in the health community pioneering our way to redefine medical care and refresh the idea that health is of a higher priority, and is the root to the success in other areas of our patients’ lives.